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Restoration of a 45 year old monkey

Repair old monkey

You can see with the naked eye that Chita the monkey has been a favorite toy for years. What was it?! - She is and will be for a long, long time in her caring family, which turned to us for help. As it often happens, the favorite toy is not only dusty, but also quite old. The skin came apart at the seams, exposing the stringy soul of the monkey. The face was worn out and skewed, and the arms and legs were no longer obeyed at all and tried to go into "free swimming". For some time the owners tried to maintain Chita in a proper condition, but they chose the wrong method, which only aggravated the situation and finally spoiled her appearance. Therefore, we had a place to go wild. To begin with, we freed the monkey of old hand stitches, glue residues and from dusty filler, we dry cleaned the pelt. We replaced the face, palm and foot parts completely. The cotter pins needed replacing too, so the old fasteners were not even considered as an option. The filler for Chita was chosen identical to the original - excellent dried wood chips. And voila! As if by magic, the old collectible toy returned to the owner rejuvenated for about 20 years! Contact us, we will surprise you too!)))

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