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Restoration of a brown teddy bear

Repair teddy bear

Initially, this was a standard restoration. The toy arrived moderately loved, rubbed down, a little battered, and in general the situation seemed familiar to us. And so it was, until we started tinting the hide and in the process invented the latest method of restoring the appearance of the pile almost to its original state. This method significantly increases the visual effect of the restoration and improves the condition of the product. In addition, we did not do without the standard procedures. These are cleaning of the toy, replacement of the old filler with modern one, monitoring of the seams and their strengthening. We also repaired the spout and renewed its color. The difference in Misha's condition before and after the repair is noticeable to the naked eye even by the photo. It's like two different toys, what we didn't fix was Misha's slightly skewed face. He was always so unusual, and it was such a wonderful toy that the client had childhood memories of. We simply had no right to deprive him of his zest and charm. Now this stately brown bear has returned home and started his life with a clean slate! Bring your teddy bears to us for restoration. We will be happy to bring them back to their former glory!

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