Designing toy sewing

Corporate clothing

Art-berloga accompanies its clients not only in sewing corporate toys, but also as a promo-agency - we create promotional products, branded clothing, advertising and exhibition structures, office decor elements, etc. In short - any whim! For one of our regular customers we created a batch of branded T-shirts with a logo, which has a functional load - that is, it serves as a pocket for nice little things. And also, in order to prepare for the fall period, we created a batch of raglans with the company logo. All materials, down to the threads, are pre-tested for durability and color fastness during washing. The same thorough pre-testing was also applied by thermal film logos. Now the entire office of the company is provided with beautiful and high-quality uniforms in the corporate style.

Repair mechanical bunny

The little wind-up bunny is an incredibly cute mechanical toy from the Soviet past. There are very few such toys in working condition left in the post-Soviet space and in the world at large, so the mission to bring the bunny back to life became especially important for us. First of all, the drum, skin and costume had to be removed from the metal mechanism to clean them from a half-century layer of dust. By the way - the old plush was completely faded and worn out in some places, so we had to resort to re-lining some parts. The suit was also not left without attention, we dry-cleaned it and also duplicated the inside to prevent the fabric from falling apart. We also reinforced each seam of the jumpsuit with reinforced thread. The drum suffered a special fate - not only was it cleaned, but also painted with a special spray paint for plastic. Now it is snow-white again, as it was once before. As for the winding mechanism itself, it had to be well lubricated with machine oil, check the efficiency and only then put back on the skin and overalls. The bunny became much younger and from day to day pleases its new owners with melodious drumming.

computer pillow

People who spend a considerable amount of time at their desks probably know how their elbow joints suffer. We sewers have also faced this situation and have developed special pads for hands, forearms and elbows, which soften the pressure of the table top on the joints and prevent their inflammation. The pads are not large 36x18 cm. But it is enough to provide a comfortable working area. They are based on memory foam, which is slightly softer than ordinary foam, and are covered with two covers. The outer cover is made of microplush. A hidden zipper makes it possible to remove the cover for washing/cleaning. These pillows are perfect for writers, gamers, IT workers and seamstresses. For people with elbow joint inflammation (buritis), they will make everyday, unavoidable work a little more pleasant. Exclusive plush solutions from Art-berloga.

josera brand dog toy

Incredibly large, bright and positive dog - the Jossera brand mascot is brought to life by our team from 20 kg of filler, 8 metres of artificial fur and 6 metres of wooden bar. For the basis of the product we took a photo of a small, rubber promotional dog, which is available at every distributor of the company's products and is well known as the main corporate symbol. To begin with, we had to create a small mock-up of the dog to refine all the design points and make corrections to the moulds. Then we sewed the mock-up in full size and made sure that the design was perfect and started sewing the original. But the most important and difficult stage is the integration of the wooden frame into the already assembled dog skin. This process takes several days, which include testing the stability and flatness of the construction with filler. Also at the request of the client the dog was given a collar and decorated with a personalised medallion with an engraved inscription. This product, despite the impressive dimensions - length 230 centimetres, height 130 centimetres went to Lviv. And now it decorates the office of Jossera company every day pleasing the staff and surprising the visitors.

Lun advertising structure

When a company often works in the field, takes part in exhibitions, seminars, conferences, you can't do without mobile props. Especially when there is a need to maintain corporate style from event to event. For our regular client we have found the most convenient solution for branded design tarnsformer, which can be quite simply folded and unfolded by one person in the shortest possible time. Cubes with logos - the main corporate style of the company - were conceived very large 80x80x80 cm. That's why two sides of them are removable, and the rest are simply movable, which allows you to fold and unfold the design with just a few movements. Due to the dense walls made of special pressed cardboard, the faces/planes of the cubes are smooth and clear and quite strong. Each of the cubes is capable of supporting two more of the same structures from above. The total height of this advertising installation is 240 cm. It is sure to attract the attention of the public and will not get lost in the crowd. Moreover, even fragile girls will be able to disassemble and assemble it!) 100% exclusive from the creative department of Art-berloga handmade engineers.

football player

Footballer - Ruslan Babenko is a memorable personality, leading crowds of fans. It is the fanatical love for the man that often makes you create small copies of him in the form of dolls. Our doll was created in a rather short time for such a detailed work, but the quality has not suffered. The product not only has a portrait resemblance to Ruslan Babenko, but is also dressed in a handmade football uniform with a special logo application on an extremely small scale. The doll itself is made of textile. Her limbs are mobile thanks to the flexible frame inside, so the doll is not only stable, but also takes a variety of poses. Exclusive portrait caricature dolls by Art-berloga.

Teddy hospital

Friends, lovers and collectors of all kinds of plushies and Teddy Bears! We had a great time on June 9 and 10, 2018 in the botanical garden named after Hryshko. Hryshko (Kiev, 1. Timiryazevskaya str.) at the Teddy Picnic, where Plush Clinic Art-berloga provided Teddy Hospital services free of charge. Many plush patients were treated and helped during the event. Children and their parents were pleasantly surprised by the level and possibility of our Teddy Clinic services! The organizers of the event TeddyLand.

mad hatter doll

​Exclusive interpretation of the Mad Hatter's image, in accordance with the customer's wishes, plunged our whole team for a few weeks into the magical and wonderful world of "Looking Glass". And, as it is supposed to a real fairy-tale hero with a finicky character - the master of hat making did not give up without a fight. Preparatory work took half of the total time spent on this product. To begin with, the technology of creating the doll was developed, which brought together several handicraft techniques. And according to the predetermined technological nuances was carried out selection of materials. And here began the most interesting thing - materials were coming for the doll not only from different parts of Ukraine, but also from other countries. For example, natural silk for the shirt came from India (it's good when friends are avid travellersJ ), the hairstyle was made of Australian wool, one of the stockings came from Rivne, and the second one was found in a Kiev shop. In search of the best feathers for the hat we visited a bird yard in the suburbs of the capital, unusual white eyelashes were ordered from Dnipro, eyes were created in a single copy by a Belarusian craftsman. The textile doll Mad Hatter turned out to be 60 cm tall.

The flexible frame inside the torso ensures variability of limb positions - not only the arms and legs are movable, but also the fingers. And slightly distorted proportions together with the frame provide stability of the product, the doll does not require any additional supports. Lush red hair was curled and collected by individual curls, each of which is implanted directly into the scalp. The costume was sewn according to all the rules of tailoring. It consists of a silk shirt, a Scottish kilt, a waistcoat, a caftan, a neckerchief, stockings and shoes. And the most important accessory is a hat, with many small details, without which the Hatter is not a hatter at all. All elements of the costume are removable, which gives the opportunity to clean the costume in case of dirt. Undoubtedly, the Hatter is one of our most labour-intensive projects, but it is definitely worth it. It is impossible to describe in words how much pleasure our team got by fulfilling this order and giving ourselves a "fat" mark DONE in the rating of professional achievements! But even more collectible doll of our production means for the current owners. According to them, having received the long-awaited doll, they understood the meaning of the expression "over the moon"!

Soft toy fire

The fire - as it is meant to be by the very nature of fire - was created in a burning timeframe. In just 5 days we created 3 full-fledged fabric mock-ups of Ogonyok in order to bring out the best shape, as well as approved the design, selected materials and method of toning the toy.  Ogonek is made of bright, very pleasant to the touch microplush with a pile height of 1 mm. It is filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. Tinting is made of water-resistant coloring pigment. The light turned out to be bright and eye-catching. Immediately from the workshop he went to the exhibition, to represent the company, the mascot of which is. And now, after the furor at the exhibition, he lives in the office and serves as an excellent anti-stress for the company's employees.

Textile doll stewardess

I'd like you to meet her! Her name is Zhulya. This name was given to her by the happy owner, in the image of whom we created the doll.  The doll turned out to be not a copy of the customer, but in general features there is a resemblance.  Her height is 30 cm. Inside there is a flexible skeleton, which provides mobility of all limbs relative to the torso. Zhulya is dressed in the form of a flight attendant after the example of her mistress, but, in fact, she is a car angel. This beauty is always in the owner's car and her presence in the car creates a special, subtle, atmosphere of hospitality and calmness.


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