Designing toy sewing

Restoration of a GDR bunny

Repair bunny toy

The incredibly charming and very much loved bunny was handed over to us by the owner with the hope to return the toy to its original state. Of course, we simply could not leave the skin in such a state. After all, the "neck" of the hare appeared from many years of wearing it for this part of the body. Initially, the toy's head sat tightly on the shoulders. To restore the appearance, we selected the most similar in color and texture material, removed the molds of the body, refined and corrected the stretched areas of the pattern and sewed a new blue skin. But that was only half of the job. And not only plush was deformed, but also the rubber part of the toy's face. Here we had only the ingenuity of craftsmen and time to help us. Alignment of the front part lasted about a week on a specially designed for this purpose technology. And as a result - we prolonged the life of the bunny at least twice. He will definitely please more than one generation!

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