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Teddy bear - famous hero

Plush toy Ted

Art-berloga soft toys connect not only people and their hearts, but also countries! Don't believe me? Here, as proof, we received an order from Israel. This is a real romantic story. A young man in love, being in another country, wanted to make a pleasant surprise to his Ukrainian girlfriend. Only, in contrast to the sensational movie, our bear Ted is not the third extra and not even a spare))). In fact, he is an exclusive handmade gift, recreated as accurately as possible in visual terms and with an incredibly faithful transfer of the character and charisma of the movie hero. In the process of work we have selected materials that very accurately convey the texture of fur, which is always a difficult task. After all, the computer graphics, with the help of which the bear cub's skin was made, and the range of fabrics offered by modern stores are very different. But how could Ted do without his famous gray suit? This could not be allowed! Our best plush couturiers worked on the teddy bear's closet. We took measurements from the finished toy, created a package of molds and a model of the product, purchased high-quality costume fabric. A few try-ons, adjustments and the bear cub received its elegant outfit. Everything in a mature way! That's how, thanks to the tireless hard work of a whole team of professionals, the very movie hero who came off the screen, who had to fulfill a very important mission: to make a dream come true, appeared in front of us. Remember - Art-berloga will gladly make your dreams come true! And even if you are far away from each other, it is no reason not to please your loved ones with exclusive gifts. We deliver orders to any corner of the world.

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