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Huge soft toy on a frame Stitch.

Huge soft toy on a frame

Once again, our attempt to jump above our heads has been crowned with success! Starting to this interior toy and having a mandatory point - height of 150 cm, we understood that the dimensions will be impressive, but we did not expect that Stitch will turn out so huge. But the main task was still in his charming ears. To make them stick up and not fall down under their own weight, we sewed into them a flexible and strong frame, repeating the shape of the part. A strong wooden frame was also placed inside the body to give stability to such a bulky product. The toy took about 15 metres of model fabric, 10 metres of plush, 15 kg of filler, 12 metres of lumber, hundreds of metres of thread and a lot of patience, which was shown by a company of four craftsmen.

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