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Transformer advertising structure for the company Lun

Lun advertising structure

When a company often works in the field, takes part in exhibitions, seminars, conferences, you can't do without mobile props. Especially when there is a need to maintain corporate style from event to event. For our regular client we have found the most convenient solution for branded design tarnsformer, which can be quite simply folded and unfolded by one person in the shortest possible time. Cubes with logos - the main corporate style of the company - were conceived very large 80x80x80 cm. That's why two sides of them are removable, and the rest are simply movable, which allows you to fold and unfold the design with just a few movements. Due to the dense walls made of special pressed cardboard, the faces/planes of the cubes are smooth and clear and quite strong. Each of the cubes is capable of supporting two more of the same structures from above. The total height of this advertising installation is 240 cm. It is sure to attract the attention of the public and will not get lost in the crowd. Moreover, even fragile girls will be able to disassemble and assemble it!) 100% exclusive from the creative department of Art-berloga handmade engineers.

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