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textille animals symbols

Welcome to the world of unique textile products from our workshop! We present you a set of miniature textile symbols of northern animals: bear, seal and penguin. Each of them, measuring about 12 cm, is created with special attention to detail and quality. These unique accessories are designed to be placed on the down jackets of one famous Ukrainian clothing brand. Thanks to their secure attachment, they can be easily attached and removed from the garment without causing any harm or damage. Made with love and professionalism in Ukraine.

dog mannequin

Despite the fact that we are toy makers, we do not refuse to create mannequins for the pet studio. And here is a vivid example of such a product. There was no attachment to a specific breed, it was not important for the customer. The main parameter was the size of the doggie. The back from the withers to the tail - 45 cm, the total length - about 65-70 cm. Also an important moment and one of the main tasks was the ability to set the mannequin on a special stand with a slight movement of the hand so that the textile doggie kept its balance and did not fall back and forth. Our designers had to think hard about this point, to develop and build a special hidden construction into the product. We sewed dummies from dense, wear-resistant twill of unobtrusive color "coffee with milk". The filling is standard - syntepuh, but the stuffing is much denser than in soft toys, because these products must constantly and rigidly hold their shape. Now 5 such dummy dogs live and "work" in one of the pet shops of the glorious city of Dnipro. If you see them, say hello!

gift for Lun Company.

A gift should be unique and memorable. And a corporate gift for a company of a hundred people should also be universal. It would seem that all these parameters are not compatible at all, but not in our case!

Let's start in order! Uniqueness. Our "Christmas trees" are the world's first embodiment and visualisation of a not quite decent expression, but so successful that a bouquet of them turned out to be like candies of a popular brand - instead of a thousand words!
This bunch of orange Christmas trees will be remembered by every employee of the office, there is no doubt about it!
The versatility of the gift is expressed by several factors: the cube in which the Christmas trees are placed can be used as an advertising structure, a storage box or a cachepot. It's up to the board of directors to decide)))
The Christmas trees themselves are a great Christmas decoration as well as a substitute for foul language. Stop swearing, show an annoying colleague a Christmas tree and he will understand everything!)))
In the life of every office there are days when you want to exclaim - "Christmas trees!". Let our clients and partners have such exclamations only from overflowing positive emotions, which we will be happy to provide them with!

clothing for staff

Individual development and tailoring of special clothing for cleaning staff, experience and attention to the client helped to create a personalised approach to each member of the team, with the necessary measures with fitting and adjustment based on the parameters of the person's figure. The set includes a T-shirt with the print of the division on the back + an elegant apron with a stylised company logo. Exclusive development of corporate clothing in case of complex service.

Corporate clothing

Art-berloga accompanies its clients not only in sewing corporate toys, but also as a promo-agency - we create promotional products, branded clothing, advertising and exhibition structures, office decor elements, etc. In short - any whim! For one of our regular customers we created a batch of branded T-shirts with a logo, which has a functional load - that is, it serves as a pocket for nice little things. And also, in order to prepare for the fall period, we created a batch of raglans with the company logo. All materials, down to the threads, are pre-tested for durability and color fastness during washing. The same thorough pre-testing was also applied by thermal film logos. Now the entire office of the company is provided with beautiful and high-quality uniforms in the corporate style.

Lun advertising structure

When a company often works in the field, takes part in exhibitions, seminars, conferences, you can't do without mobile props. Especially when there is a need to maintain corporate style from event to event. For our regular client we have found the most convenient solution for branded design tarnsformer, which can be quite simply folded and unfolded by one person in the shortest possible time. Cubes with logos - the main corporate style of the company - were conceived very large 80x80x80 cm. That's why two sides of them are removable, and the rest are simply movable, which allows you to fold and unfold the design with just a few movements. Due to the dense walls made of special pressed cardboard, the faces/planes of the cubes are smooth and clear and quite strong. Each of the cubes is capable of supporting two more of the same structures from above. The total height of this advertising installation is 240 cm. It is sure to attract the attention of the public and will not get lost in the crowd. Moreover, even fragile girls will be able to disassemble and assemble it!) 100% exclusive from the creative department of Art-berloga handmade engineers.

League and Let's Help

We have long been engaged in the production of various types of souvenir branded products, we are especially interested in non-standard orders, where you can be creative. This time we took great pleasure in creating 50 meters of flags for LIGA Group of Companies and international charity fund "Let's Help!". Our labor decorated the opening of the inclusive playground. It is designed not only for children with disabilities.  Communication with peers helps to learn the world and fosters mutual understanding between people. It is in childhood that character and perception of the world are formed. That is why it is very important for every child to feel free.  We are glad that we took part in the initiative, which forms a society of equal rights and opportunities.

Tokyo hotel installation

Our most inspiring and most surreal project. 8 kinds of sci-fi mutant kitties. Total number of 125 pieces. All models are thought out, designed and made by Art-berloga by special order of KOSA Art Group ( and in the shortest possible time. The cats have left for Tokyo, where they will become part of a grand conceptual installation based on Katsushika Hokusai's painting "The Big Wave".

Plush logo gifts

Birthday is a special holiday. And the birthday of your favorite music channel is a special occasion to create and present to the "birthday boy" the corporate hero bear Boksik. Boksik became a real symbol of the channel mascot and traveled all over the country (Ukraine) with a promo tour. He was squeezed and hugged, he was loved, he was photographed, he was recognized. Also among MusicBox fans we raffled off 10 similar teddy bears and 10 branded pillows with the channel logo. The holiday was a success for everyone - for MusicBox, for Art-berloga and for all the fans.


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