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Textile dog mannequin

dog mannequin

Despite the fact that we are toy makers, we do not refuse to create mannequins for the pet studio. And here is a vivid example of such a product. There was no attachment to a specific breed, it was not important for the customer. The main parameter was the size of the doggie. The back from the withers to the tail - 45 cm, the total length - about 65-70 cm. Also an important moment and one of the main tasks was the ability to set the mannequin on a special stand with a slight movement of the hand so that the textile doggie kept its balance and did not fall back and forth. Our designers had to think hard about this point, to develop and build a special hidden construction into the product. We sewed dummies from dense, wear-resistant twill of unobtrusive color "coffee with milk". The filling is standard - syntepuh, but the stuffing is much denser than in soft toys, because these products must constantly and rigidly hold their shape. Now 5 such dummy dogs live and "work" in one of the pet shops of the glorious city of Dnipro. If you see them, say hello!

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