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Corporate gift for Lun Company.

gift for Lun Company.

A gift should be unique and memorable. And a corporate gift for a company of a hundred people should also be universal. It would seem that all these parameters are not compatible at all, but not in our case!

Let's start in order! Uniqueness. Our "Christmas trees" are the world's first embodiment and visualisation of a not quite decent expression, but so successful that a bouquet of them turned out to be like candies of a popular brand - instead of a thousand words!
This bunch of orange Christmas trees will be remembered by every employee of the office, there is no doubt about it!
The versatility of the gift is expressed by several factors: the cube in which the Christmas trees are placed can be used as an advertising structure, a storage box or a cachepot. It's up to the board of directors to decide)))
The Christmas trees themselves are a great Christmas decoration as well as a substitute for foul language. Stop swearing, show an annoying colleague a Christmas tree and he will understand everything!)))
In the life of every office there are days when you want to exclaim - "Christmas trees!". Let our clients and partners have such exclamations only from overflowing positive emotions, which we will be happy to provide them with!

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