Designing toy sewing

Textile sculpture for the Josera brand.

josera brand dog toy

Incredibly large, bright and positive dog - the Jossera brand mascot is brought to life by our team from 20 kg of filler, 8 metres of artificial fur and 6 metres of wooden bar. For the basis of the product we took a photo of a small, rubber promotional dog, which is available at every distributor of the company's products and is well known as the main corporate symbol. To begin with, we had to create a small mock-up of the dog to refine all the design points and make corrections to the moulds. Then we sewed the mock-up in full size and made sure that the design was perfect and started sewing the original. But the most important and difficult stage is the integration of the wooden frame into the already assembled dog skin. This process takes several days, which include testing the stability and flatness of the construction with filler. Also at the request of the client the dog was given a collar and decorated with a personalised medallion with an engraved inscription. This product, despite the impressive dimensions - length 230 centimetres, height 130 centimetres went to Lviv. And now it decorates the office of Jossera company every day pleasing the staff and surprising the visitors.

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