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Restoration of a mechanical bunny of the USSR times

Repair mechanical bunny

The little wind-up bunny is an incredibly cute mechanical toy from the Soviet past. There are very few such toys in working condition left in the post-Soviet space and in the world at large, so the mission to bring the bunny back to life became especially important for us. First of all, the drum, skin and costume had to be removed from the metal mechanism to clean them from a half-century layer of dust. By the way - the old plush was completely faded and worn out in some places, so we had to resort to re-lining some parts. The suit was also not left without attention, we dry-cleaned it and also duplicated the inside to prevent the fabric from falling apart. We also reinforced each seam of the jumpsuit with reinforced thread. The drum suffered a special fate - not only was it cleaned, but also painted with a special spray paint for plastic. Now it is snow-white again, as it was once before. As for the winding mechanism itself, it had to be well lubricated with machine oil, check the efficiency and only then put back on the skin and overalls. The bunny became much younger and from day to day pleases its new owners with melodious drumming.

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