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Plush toy Buba

Does your child have a favorite cartoon? Have you ever wanted to "invite" a funny cartoon character to visit your child at home? After all, with such a home soft favorite it is more fun to eat porridge, learn new words, and just to organize interesting games and entertainment. As always, we had a very interesting and responsible task to create Buba the Houseboy. A loving father wanted to make a gift to his son for his birthday and decided, with our help, to invite to his house for permanent residence of his favorite character, which the kid saw every day on the screen. And without false modesty I will say - it is very right that this mission was entrusted to us, because we prepare for the work thoroughly! Almost a day were postponed all the pressing business of the team and, during this time, reviewed almost all the series of the cartoon, as well as thoroughly studied the character of the character. And only after that we confidently and expertly began the practical part of the work. Since the soft toy was created for a small child, it was important not only to accurately convey the appearance and charisma of the character, but also to use absolutely safe materials for its manufacture. We coped with these tasks perfectly. But that's not all! After all, Buba couldn't come to his birthday party without a present! In his hands we put a soft balloon in the form of a heart with a name inscription.  According to the enthusiastic feedback from the client after presenting the gift to the birthday boy, we realized that the appearance of the favorite cartoon character at the party caused the kid a real delight. Contact us if your birthday boy needs a burst of positive emotions, and the holiday needs a furor. We will make the dream come true! 

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