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Restoration and repair of the blue teddy bear

Repair teddy bear

Blue teddy bear was a favorite in his human family for a very long time. But children grow up, and toys, meanwhile, are pushed further and further back on the shelf. That's how the hero of this story was lost for many years somewhere in the closet, or on the mezzanine. Under the load of other toys, with books mixed in, he just patiently waited for his hour. And so it did. After a short negotiation and a couple of photos we realized - this is definitely our patient! A shapeless, compressed (as if it had been under an asphalt roller) skin with something very hard and dense inside came to us. The wool was dusty and stained, the stuffing was half-decomposed sticky foam, and the fittings were scratched and yellowed from UV light. There were enough tasks! And so we set about it! Cleaning, strengthening the seams and the base of the material, replacing the filler - everything went well! Although, of course, we have to admit - it was extremely difficult to clean off the age-old stains, we had to work hard, but the result was worth it. After all, the renewed, restored teddy bear now pleases a new generation of his family.

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