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Exclusive gift bear surgeon

Plush toy surgeon

If the most talented person in his profession has a surname hints (what is there - openly indicates) on fishing, and the occupation is maxillofacial surgery, then how not to use such an extravagant coincidence of circumstances in the manufacture of an exclusive gift statuette. That is why the bear in a doctor's suit catches not a fish but a tooth on a fishing rod. The statuette is stable, made according to the classic technology of sewing soft toys, but modernized by us and the product can be removed from the stand for transportation, for example, or just for a closer look in your own hands. The height of the product is 25 cm. Materials used for its creation - plush, syntepuh, cottons. The tooth is molded from polymer clay, and the fishing rod is assembled from real fishing tackle. To say that this gift caused surprise - do not say anything. Surprise and be surprised, and we will help in any of these actions! We can do any extraordinary ideas!

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