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Mascot bears for Doloxen-Forte

Teddy bears mascot

Brothers Mikhail Potapych and Potap Mikhailovich are amazing twin bears and real professionals! And their business is of great importance! After all, to be the official brand mascots is not "anything like". It is constant shooting, moving, traveling, flights, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, photo zones, hundreds (sometimes thousands) of strangers. And everyone wants to take selfies with them, hug them, squeeze them. And, anticipating such their fate, at the stage of creating teddies we tried to make every effort to make the products as durable and wear-resistant as possible. Unusually colored material for skins were searched for all over Ukraine, then we manipulated to strengthen its basis. Connected the details of the teddy bears with special kapron thread, and the fastenings of arms, legs and head made a rocking cotter pin. And the cotter pins put metal, which will definitely extend the life of the toys. We are sure that you will be able to see these beauties at some medical exhibition in Kiev. And when you see them - say hello to them from us!

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