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Soft toy spaceship

What to do if you want a collectible toy from a limited series, which you can't find in free sale? Yes, so much wanted that it does not go completely out of your head! Sound familiar? Then there are not many options! You can dig through terabytes of information in a hopeless search..... You can despair and resign yourself to it... And you can turn to Art-berloga and order sewing of the desired product, setting the necessary parameters, dimensions and make any modifications to the product to your own taste. Actually, this is what our customers did. Star Craft Void Probe Plush is sewed by us in a single copy with small differences from the collectible models. In addition to the fact that StarCraft Void Probe Plush itself is not easy in terms of design, we were somewhat puzzled by the customer's desire to get a toy with glow-in-the-dark elements. To say that the whole Ukrainian market was promoted for the presence of light-accumulating fabrics - nothing to say! But there were no suitable options, to order from abroad and wait for the fabric to arrive - also not a solution, because the toy had to be made and presented in a clearly agreed time. And we found the only true solution - hand-coloring of fabric with the addition of a special luminous pigment. This feature of the toy allows it to act as a night lamp for children's bedroom and makes the yellow starship a reliable protector of children's dreams! That is why we confidently and boldly declare - you are in safe hands! After all, we are ready not only to sew toys, but also to jump "above your head!", to non-standard tasks and creative solutions!

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