Designing toy sewing

Plush copy of the lost tiger cub

Soft toy tiger cub

Restoring toys from photos is always a difficult task. To repeat the shapes, sizes, proportions of a toy is only half a job. After all, sometimes it is simply impossible to find in free sale similar to the original material, not to mention the exact copy, which is remembered and with all the soul crave to get customers. Therefore, we have to make every possible effort to meet all expectations. Tigrusha turned out to be the most difficult product we have ever created. All because of the specific white-orange print on the fine pile of the fur. Studying the range of materials both on our market and in neighboring countries did not bring any results. In the end it was decided to recreate the print from the photo of the lost toy. We applied the drawing characteristic for this Tiger with textile paint and a thin brush, invented ways to prevent the paint from spreading and finally achieved the desired result. Soon, Tigrusha pleased the little owner with his magical appearance under the Christmas tree and now they, as before, are always and everywhere together! And our team of masters never tires of enjoying their superpowers)))

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