Designing toy sewing

Sewing soft toy red bunny

custom red bunny

When a child passionately wants to get a red bunny for the New Year under the tree - his dream must be fulfilled without asking why red and without explaining that such a color of skin is completely unnatural for these animals. And when the goal is so clearly formed - the work goes easily, unhindered. This bunny is made of certified artificial fur, and as a filler used hypoallergenic syntepuh, which perfectly holds its shape even after several washings, almost does not accumulate dust and, most importantly - is a hostile environment for dust mites. The nose of the toy is made of microplush and firmly sewn into the face, so minimize the risk for children who like to tear off small parts of the hardware and quietly taste them. In general, we approached the order thoughtfully and tried to create not only a beautiful, but also the most ergonomic product, safe for the youngest consumer.

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