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Plush houseboy on a frame

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The imposing Domovlenok ruins all stereotypes about what a keeper of the hearth should be. For some reason, everyone always imagines the Housekeepers as gray-haired and unsightly old men of small stature and very squabbling character. But our customers decided that in their house will live a bright and friendly character. Such - which will never be afraid of children. And it was not very difficult for us to realize the visualization of such a cute character. The little houseboy is made of modern plush, very pleasant to the tactile sensations. A flexible frame is embedded inside the whole torso, which allows the toy to move its limbs and crest, as well as to take any fixed pose. The magnificent wings-leaves also have a wire frame base in plastic braiding for safety of use. For the same reasons there is no hardware in the toy - not a single button or bead, so as not to cause any damage to the little Houseboy owner. The doll's height turned out to be 40 cm without taking into account the crest. This is the optimal size for a toy with incredible proportions and for ease of use. Currently, this plush "product" is being actively tested by the baby and all the tests are very successful, which we are very happy about! After all, the positive evaluation of the smallest but most demanding consumer of Art-berloga products is the most indicative!

handmade houseboy patterns

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