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Plush curly toy

Soft curly toy

This thirty centimeter man was created according to the black and white sketch of the customer and all the time, while the work lasted, reminded us of some incredible genius, and at times - and Einstein himself. Probably because of his thick curly hair, which was the most labor intensive. This textile doll is sewn from the softest snow-white microplush and filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. Each hair of the little man is handmade and has a medium stiffness and small thickness frame inside. All for the curls to have such volume and to be able to curl them as you like. The human doll itself is without a frame, in a stationary pose and, in order to maintain an upright position, it needs a support. That is, the doll cannot stand on its own. But, fortunately, this does not affect her charm and appearance. Although a nice bonus in the form of movable limbs would be nice to add to it. And if you have such ideas - we will gladly realize any textile doll according to your sketch with a more functional body. Please contact us!

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