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Plush mascot toy

Roy the bunny is probably one of the most positive characters, which turned from a two-dimensional image into a full-fledged soft toy by the diligent efforts of Art-berloga masters! Only he is not just a toy, but a real brand mascot that lives his own life, "communicates" with children, is filmed for glossy, is recognized and loved by the public. And now, after creating a test sample of plush Roy, we are preparing to sew a whole batch of bunnies in his image, likeness and molds to make happy more kids who are in love with this image! Most importantly, the toy is designed to be as safe as possible for little ones. It has no frame, only fabrics certified in Ukraine and no plastic accessories! Only microplush, syntepuch and embroidery! All materials are soft and very pleasant in tactile properties, which also plays a significant role in the child's perception of this character as one of the best friends.

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Soft pigeon toy

That's how one day comes an order, like a providence, and we from ordinary toy makers suddenly turn into wizards-electromechanics, because we need to "save" our regular customer! And here's the deal! From a pair of domestic pigeons, by tragic coincidence, there was only one, which is very bored with his dove. And, to dispel his longing, it was necessary to urgently create a copy of the dove, which would have the most natural look and would make at least some more or less plausible movements. To be honest, this task seemed impossible and very difficult at first, but the main thing is to take a risk and start! And so we did! And getting down to business, first of all, decided on the size and shape of the dove, creating a life-size model of the future product. At the same time, we spent several weeks in a continuous brainstorming, trying to solve the most important problem - how to make the toy move, what movements it will make and whether this idea is viable in general. When the idea and concept took shape into something tangible, it was time to experiment. And then "the soul went to heaven" - the search and acquisition of necessary components, motors and batteries destroyed by pure chance, which then even stopped counting; the smell of heated to red soldering iron and tin penetrated the workshop and ourselves; the mastering of new knowledge on robotics did not stop, and to ensure the correct mechanics of movements we used all available means and we cut, sawed, glued, pounded ... In a word: invented! That's how we created the frame of the product with the head turning mechanism, which we then dressed in the "skin" of the dove made of short plush, tinted with the characteristic black and white coloring of the plumage. As a result, when you press the button on the tail of the dove, the bird starts a nine-minute cycle of rotation of the head with different angles of rotation and with different frequency. The toy is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is recharged from the mains, as well as a conventional household appliance with the help of a USB cord. Full charge is enough for a few days (depending on how often the product to actuate). Also an important point - the toy is independently stable and additional supports it does not need, even during the active phase. Time for this work spent much more than we are used to, but the end justifies the means and all the efforts of our well-coordinated, like clockwork, a team of brave masters-enthusiasts! Who else does not believe that we are ready to realize the most unusual and daring fantasies? Contact us, we will surprise you!

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Soft robot toy

Thirty centimeter branded robot Smartik consists of fifty-two textile parts of different sizes and configurations, which fit into each other like puzzles, and then, with incredible accuracy of our craftsmen, are sewn into a single whole. At one of the intermediate stages of the assembly of the product is connected and embroidery shop, in order to develop a program of embroidery logo and its further application to the fabric. Everything is calculated extremely accurately, so you can not make a mistake! Each of those involved in the work on this toy performs its operations to the nearest millimeter! After all, the quality of the toy depends on it, which is extremely important for us and for the customer. In order to make Smartik mobile, a special flexible frame was developed and built into his plush body, which allows you to change and fix the position of all limbs, including the head. Due to incorrect proportions the character is very unstable, so we had to make small adjustments at the stage of designing the molds, increasing the area of the feet. This manipulation did not affect the overall appearance of the character, but the robot stands on its feet much more firmly. Also, it should be noted that for the first time in our work we used a new for us, transparent and very plastic material to create a screen effect on the face. This technique gave the toy a special realism, although it made the assembly process more complicated (but a true master is not intimidated by difficulties!). As a result, the mascot Smartik charmed the entire staff of the company that once invented him. Now he has become a real attraction among employees and guests of the office, and the management is already thinking about the realization of a batch of such robots, because there is no such thing as beauty!

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Repair vintage teddy bear

All vintage toys are extremely unfriendly to wet-heat treatment and, especially, to washing... And if the washing is machine - it is a sure death of a retro product. A black teddy bear came to us after such "executions". He was not only spoiled, but even smelled a little, because the cotton filler did not dry properly for a long time. Also, either the bear was not rinsed enough, or the filler released some sticky substance after getting wet, but all the fur stuck together and turned into real thorns. The head and leg came apart at the seams, and the stuffing of these parts simply became loose. The eyes and nose were also lost. And, to be honest, having restored the toy, we simply did not recognize Mishka, so he looked so beautiful and transformed! And all because we returned the fur to its natural soft state, laid strong stitches, instead of torn, modern filler restored the shape of the bear's body, replaced completely new cotter pins of the limbs, picked up new eyes and embroidered the nose. All this overnight gave the old teddy Potapych a powerful life boost. And he again fulfills his main mission - he protects the space and sweet dreams of his caring owners.

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Cloning teddy bear

When restoration is not an option, because it will not make the toy new, you have to "clone". To do this, it is necessary to sacrifice the existing plush friend, disassemble it into separate parts, remove the patterns from them and transfer them to paper, and only then - cut out exactly the same components for the new product. But no less important task is the selection of material for sewing a new toy. Although the original teddy bear was created from flannel at one time, but still now its owner decided that an excellent option will be artificial suede, which is moderately pleasant to the tactile sensations and at the same time has the minimum pile, which is very convenient in operation and practical. The teddy bear's height is only 15 cm. All its limbs are movable, only the head is stationary. This is not our decision, it was like that in the original. And the change of poses and rotation on the axis of individual parts of the bear's body we have provided with the help of cotter pin connections of arms and legs with the torso. The feet are fitted with special dense insoles, which help the toy to keep balance and stand independently. The result of the work pleased both us and the customer. Now Mishanya will faithfully serve the younger generation. And we are sure that this friendship will last for decades!

Repair stuffed pig

The deplorable condition of Piglet Hryuni does not need any description. From afar you can see that this is the limit of the toy's exploitation. And if you continue in the same vein - then only oblivion awaits him! Although the pig itself is intact, but the clothes, which is also part of the body, has already turned into rags. There was no point in repairing the pants, only to change them completely. But the remnants of the sweater we managed to put back together in one piece. Thread by thread we put all the disheveled yarn in a pattern, secured with an additional stitch and a layer of duplicate fabric. Of course Piggy underwent a thorough cleaning before the above manipulations and minor repair of the skin. And after that - restoration of former forms with the help of new and fluffy filler. Piglet blossomed and looked better before my eyes. And having returned home - pleased with the new appearance of the birthday boy-owner!

Sell kozak heads for decoration. Dimensions: height 60 cm, width 45 cm, girth at the bottom 160 cm. Sold in two versions: without filler 450 hryvnia and with filler 650 hryvnia. In the presence of 5 pieces!Текстильные головы козака

Repair plush goat

The French goat was devastated both literally and figuratively. Surprisingly, no one had ever taken it apart and removed the stuffing. Simply for many years of faithful service to children it was pressed into a small thin pancake. And all because the French production of toys at the time of creation of this character used only natural raw materials. And the stuffing of the goat consisted of 100% of the finest wool. And it, as it is known, has a property to fall off and give the strongest shrinkage. Besides, the four-legged plushie did not look the best. He was dirty, dusty and had terrible lint on his fur. We sparingly cleaned the toy from dust and stains, dried the coat well. With the help of a new filler we restored its shape, fluffed up the rolled pile and suddenly noticed that although the toy was made in Europe, but its construction leaves much to be desired. The goat stubbornly did not want to stand, its legs just moved apart. We considered it impossible to return the toy with this factory defect to the owner. Therefore, we spent another day to eliminate this defect of our French colleagues. Now the goat stands firmly and confidently on its own four legs and sometimes even tries to jump up)))

Repair red teddy bear

The adorable redhead, who had many years of life and terrible bald spots on his coat, came to us for restoration looking more like a flat, flattened cushion. After removing the filler, we set about cleaning and then replacing the brown parts of the toy that had completely ruptured. For this purpose we picked up the most similar in color and texture material from the assortment of German plush, carefully removed patterns, cut the material and sewed new parts of the product. Then, with the help of modern filler, we recreated the former shape of the Bear and started to restore the hair. Fortunately, the length of the red hair allowed us to do it as inconspicuously as possible. And our plush patient slowly acquired a completely new look. It was as if he hadn't even lived for decades!

Restoration teddy bear

The old beige teddy bear had become completely flat, like a pillow. And the dusty skin in some places could not withstand the onslaught of childhood love and long ago rubbed off, exposing his big cotton "soul". That's why now Mishanya came to us with a bare cracked belly, paws, face and, of course, with great hopes for a better future. With such a damaged textile, of course, you can not work and restore it from the remaining scraps. Therefore, in such difficult cases, we always do a complete replacement of the blasted parts of the toy. Replacing the material is always a troublesome event, because you need to cover the problem spot not with anything, but with plush as close to the original as possible. It may take a week or two to find it. Careful selection of our specialists passes every piece of fabric, more or less corresponding to the color color and texture, length of pile! This approach is the key to the success of the whole event to restore the toy. And the result of complex initial manipulations of our team is always a new appearance of the most favorite toy of the client, close to the original, and prolongation of the life of the product, at least for another 50 years. Having undergone all the above described "executions" of the caring hands of the restorer (and not only) Misha got a cute light pink belly made of German vintage viscose, restored and fluffed beige fur, a new hypoallergenic filling and, definitely, a wonderful future! How could we not be magicians?


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