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Plush robot Smartik

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Thirty centimeter branded robot Smartik consists of fifty-two textile parts of different sizes and configurations, which fit into each other like puzzles, and then, with incredible accuracy of our craftsmen, are sewn into a single whole. At one of the intermediate stages of the assembly of the product is connected and embroidery shop, in order to develop a program of embroidery logo and its further application to the fabric. Everything is calculated extremely accurately, so you can not make a mistake! Each of those involved in the work on this toy performs its operations to the nearest millimeter! After all, the quality of the toy depends on it, which is extremely important for us and for the customer. In order to make Smartik mobile, a special flexible frame was developed and built into his plush body, which allows you to change and fix the position of all limbs, including the head. Due to incorrect proportions the character is very unstable, so we had to make small adjustments at the stage of designing the molds, increasing the area of the feet. This manipulation did not affect the overall appearance of the character, but the robot stands on its feet much more firmly. Also, it should be noted that for the first time in our work we used a new for us, transparent and very plastic material to create a screen effect on the face. This technique gave the toy a special realism, although it made the assembly process more complicated (but a true master is not intimidated by difficulties!). As a result, the mascot Smartik charmed the entire staff of the company that once invented him. Now he has become a real attraction among employees and guests of the office, and the management is already thinking about the realization of a batch of such robots, because there is no such thing as beauty!

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