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Restoration of a plush goat

Repair plush goat

The French goat was devastated both literally and figuratively. Surprisingly, no one had ever taken it apart and removed the stuffing. Simply for many years of faithful service to children it was pressed into a small thin pancake. And all because the French production of toys at the time of creation of this character used only natural raw materials. And the stuffing of the goat consisted of 100% of the finest wool. And it, as it is known, has a property to fall off and give the strongest shrinkage. Besides, the four-legged plushie did not look the best. He was dirty, dusty and had terrible lint on his fur. We sparingly cleaned the toy from dust and stains, dried the coat well. With the help of a new filler we restored its shape, fluffed up the rolled pile and suddenly noticed that although the toy was made in Europe, but its construction leaves much to be desired. The goat stubbornly did not want to stand, its legs just moved apart. We considered it impossible to return the toy with this factory defect to the owner. Therefore, we spent another day to eliminate this defect of our French colleagues. Now the goat stands firmly and confidently on its own four legs and sometimes even tries to jump up)))

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