Designing toy sewing

Cloning a little teddy bear

Cloning teddy bear

When restoration is not an option, because it will not make the toy new, you have to "clone". To do this, it is necessary to sacrifice the existing plush friend, disassemble it into separate parts, remove the patterns from them and transfer them to paper, and only then - cut out exactly the same components for the new product. But no less important task is the selection of material for sewing a new toy. Although the original teddy bear was created from flannel at one time, but still now its owner decided that an excellent option will be artificial suede, which is moderately pleasant to the tactile sensations and at the same time has the minimum pile, which is very convenient in operation and practical. The teddy bear's height is only 15 cm. All its limbs are movable, only the head is stationary. This is not our decision, it was like that in the original. And the change of poses and rotation on the axis of individual parts of the bear's body we have provided with the help of cotter pin connections of arms and legs with the torso. The feet are fitted with special dense insoles, which help the toy to keep balance and stand independently. The result of the work pleased both us and the customer. Now Mishanya will faithfully serve the younger generation. And we are sure that this friendship will last for decades!

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