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Corporate mascot Roy Rabbitson

Plush mascot toy

Roy the bunny is probably one of the most positive characters, which turned from a two-dimensional image into a full-fledged soft toy by the diligent efforts of Art-berloga masters! Only he is not just a toy, but a real brand mascot that lives his own life, "communicates" with children, is filmed for glossy, is recognized and loved by the public. And now, after creating a test sample of plush Roy, we are preparing to sew a whole batch of bunnies in his image, likeness and molds to make happy more kids who are in love with this image! Most importantly, the toy is designed to be as safe as possible for little ones. It has no frame, only fabrics certified in Ukraine and no plastic accessories! Only microplush, syntepuch and embroidery! All materials are soft and very pleasant in tactile properties, which also plays a significant role in the child's perception of this character as one of the best friends.

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