Designing toy sewing

Repair boar warthog toy

Brutal and a bit beaten up by life, the Bearded Boar needed cleaning, strengthening of seams, repair of small rips, and replacement of filler. These procedures were carried out by us with all possible responsibility and having stayed in Plush Clinic for a little more than a week, this funny fat funny man went home refreshed, better-looking, with masked holes, with a fluffy coat and with a new filler inside. We also corrected his eyesight a little bit by putting the missing part of the pupil on the plastic eye. Now we can be calm - after the complex of works performed, the Boar will keep its gorgeous appearance and shape for a long time!

Repair yellow teddy bear

At first it seemed that it would be impossible to restore the bear named Ika. After all, the coat is very faded for many years of life and we thought no cleaning will not help to restore the original color of the toy. But no! A real miracle happened! Under the layer of removed dust, the wool was still as soft and silky as it had been long ago. This inspired us incredibly and we enthusiastically started to select new, as similar as possible eyes. The necessary fittings were found quickly enough, but their novelty contrasted strongly with the worn nose and lack of tongue. Here polishing came to our aid. The nose shone like before. Now it is impossible to distinguish it from the new one! And we created the tongue out of suede so that this part would last as long as possible. Also an important element in the work was making a personalized scarf for Ika, which beautifully shaded the yellow fleece of the teddy bear! We don't need to tell you that the toy has been transformed beyond recognition. The "Before" and "After" photos will tell everyone eloquently about the "magic" that we create in Plush Clinic Art-berloga.


soft toy goldfish

Have you ever dreamed of making three wishes to the Goldfish? "Where can you get a fish like that?" - you say. But we do! Golden, beautiful, soft, tactilely very pleasant, beady-eyed and funny right up to the state of "mi-mi-mi". And you can make her wishes not three, but an infinite number! But it is not a fact that she will fulfill them! But at least you can talk to Fish! She will definitely not say anything to anyone! The toy is made of long-wool velour by frameless technology. The size together with the tail is 40 cm. The filling is light, soft, springy, hypoallergenic syntepuh. With such parameters this Golden "Enchantress" has real chances to become a favorite of the whole family and "bring up" more than one generation! And don't even ask about the quality of manufacturing! We will make sure that it will withstand all imaginable and unthinkable loads that can happen in the life of a plush fish!

Repair vintage monkey

We took this Padluchka to work with great pleasure! We have never had toys with such exotic names before!))) Yes, yes, we are not kidding! This is the real name of a cute gray monkey. So, the scope of work consisted in the following: removal and disposal of the old filler, cleaning the skin from dust and dirt, drying, strengthening all the seams, returning the correct fit of the head, stuffing with new filler, fluffing the fur, polishing the rubber parts of the toy, curling the bangs (where without bangs in our time?!). It was this list of completed works that gave us the opportunity to transform the plush monkey beyond recognition in 10 days. And, when she returned home to the owners, we were told that they did not even expect such a result, because the toy became as good as new!

Quokka handmade toy

Every new non-standard order is both a great responsibility for us and an invaluable experience! That's why we always take on original ideas in order to find new solutions to realize them! Exactly the same was the case with Quokka. We looked at the photo of this sweetest smiling creature and had no idea how to make a 40 centimeter toy from a piece of fabric and filler to reflect all the subtleties of the appearance of this animal. But we have one golden rule: the main thing is to start! That's exactly what we did! And in the process we found the right lines and curves of patterns, the right shapes of the layout, the most suitable in color and texture fur, techniques and methods of sewing. We cut, sewed, stuffed, stretched, sheared, went to the goal by all possible means! The quokka turned out even better than we expected! We were a little sorry to part with her in the end! But it could not be avoided and we, with a sense of pride for the perfectly done work, handed over Kwokka in the caring hands of the customer! And when we saw the delight in his eyes - we realized that this is a real drive and for the sake of such moments we are ready to conquer new and new heights of our business!

Repair tiger cubs

A pair of the cutest inseparable tiger cubs came to us for a very short period of time. After all, there was a little loving girl waiting for them at home, who could not imagine herself without her teddies. As with all toys - the spouts turned out to be the weakest part of the tiger cubs. The fittings themselves were badly damaged, and the fabric part of the muzzle around the noses resembled a real sieve. Therefore, after a quick cleaning of the toys, we started to replace the nose parts of the muzzle. We chose the most appropriate in color and texture material, cut and sewed new parts. New plastic spouts of exactly the same configuration and size as the original ones were installed in the appropriate place. Of course, the filling of the tiger cubs was completely replaced with new fluffy syntepuh. The fur was fluffed up. And the tiger cubs are once again as attractive as if they had just come off the manufacturer's assembly line. And now they again fulfill their greatest mission on earth, brightening up the leisure time of the girl who loves them the most!

teddy bear restoration

Even if your favorite cuddly friend has suddenly gone bald from age - no problem! We know how to restore his fur. But! It should be taken into account that this is a unique case and the possibility of eliminating bald spots on the toy's fur depends on several factors: - localization and area of the splotches - the length of the original pile of the product itself - the integrity of the base of the skin. In this case, all the necessary indicators coincided and we managed to cover the balding bellybutton with new fur as much as possible. Although initially it was supposed that such a plan of action may not work and we had to sew the toy some masking overalls to hide the consequences of baldness. Fortunately - the professionalism of our masters helped out and in this case, the bear didn't need clothes! And in general, it is necessary to emphasize that the main task of the owner of any toy is to create the most comfortable environment. Then your favorite teddy will live as long as possible, the fur will not dry out and fall out, the filler will not gather in one pile, and the fittings will not turn cloudy. Take care of your plush friends!

pink teddy bear

At the moment this pink giant is the biggest toy of our production. And here are the main facts about him: - The length of the Bear from the heels to the top of the head is 300 cm. - Height from butt to top - 180 cm. - Span of the lower paws - 150 cm. - Weight - 35 kg. - It took 12 metres of artificial fur to make the pelt. - Transport to the customer in Odessa was made by New Post. - For transportation we had to order a lorry - a five-tonne truck. Now the Bear decorates the children's room of one little princess and tirelessly guards her sweet dreams!

Repair old panda

It is a pleasure to work with those toys that are loved, cherished and tried to prolong their life in every possible way. Panda is 20 years old. For a human it is not much, but for a soft toy it is already a considerable age. And the decision to send her to Plush Clinic for preventive care was very timely. After all, the toy has already gotten dirty, lost its former forms and, upon closer inspection, several small tears at the seams were noticed. And also the life of the filler was coming to an end. So first we cleaned the toy, eliminated the tears and additionally strengthened the seams, replaced the old combined filler (syntepuh + porollon) with clean, soft and springy syntepuh, which will long and well hold the correct shape of the toy. And as a final chord - fluffed the fur. At least 20 more years of life of this Pandochka is guaranteed after all these manipulations! Of course, on condition of the same careful attitude!

Repair teddy bear

A unique teddy bear in a remarkable leopard overalls decided to pamper himself with Spa procedures and came to Plush Clinic Art-berloga for a week. But we decided not to limit ourselves to simple "cosmetic" procedures and to carry out a full range of services to return the toy to its former beauty and plush health, despite the rather decent general condition of the plush patient. We cleaned the entire coat (including the overalls), strengthened the seams, sewed up the gaps, changed the filler and, as a cherry on the cake, fluffed the fleece using our author's method. The difference between the condition of the toy "BEFORE" restoration and "AFTER" is enormous. - is colossal. Mishutka returned home the way his owners didn't even remember him. "As if only from the store" - they shared their impressions!


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