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Quokka plush toy

Quokka handmade toy

Every new non-standard order is both a great responsibility for us and an invaluable experience! That's why we always take on original ideas in order to find new solutions to realize them! Exactly the same was the case with Quokka. We looked at the photo of this sweetest smiling creature and had no idea how to make a 40 centimeter toy from a piece of fabric and filler to reflect all the subtleties of the appearance of this animal. But we have one golden rule: the main thing is to start! That's exactly what we did! And in the process we found the right lines and curves of patterns, the right shapes of the layout, the most suitable in color and texture fur, techniques and methods of sewing. We cut, sewed, stuffed, stretched, sheared, went to the goal by all possible means! The quokka turned out even better than we expected! We were a little sorry to part with her in the end! But it could not be avoided and we, with a sense of pride for the perfectly done work, handed over Kwokka in the caring hands of the customer! And when we saw the delight in his eyes - we realized that this is a real drive and for the sake of such moments we are ready to conquer new and new heights of our business!

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