Designing toy sewing

Repair little green dog

A small but faithful plush dog came to us in a sufficiently beloved condition to start worrying about him. The fur was wrinkled and some white elements of the fabric began to yellow and lose their light colors. The seams were also starting to come apart and the toy was starting to lose its shape due to the crumpled old napolinitel. As you can see, the miniature toy looks much better now! Saving childhood friends and bringing back their youth.

Soft toy fox

Patriotic fox in a trendy dress and the flag of Ukraine, with full faith in the victory of Ukraine! The soft toy is made on a frame, with the ability to change the position of arms and legs. Thematically a gift that raises morale! Make your loved ones happy, even in the most difficult times!

Repair little red bunny

A very small but most beloved red bunny in a striped suit, came to us in a very tired state and in tattered clothes. The soft toy had to be rejuvenated and fattened up, and face plastic surgery had to be done. And our plush atelier sewed him a new striped suit and a new jacket. Now the bunny feels great and looks even more attractive than in his youth.

Big Ted soft toy

The famous teddy bear of solid size was created as an element of intaglio in a shopping centre of one of the regions of Ukraine. Popular and brutal hero of the film attracts the attention of adults and children, raising the mood of visitors. Development and creation of plush toys of decent size according to your fantasies, desires, images!






Due to the fact that Russia has been destroying Ukraine with merciless bombings since February 24, 2022, destroying Ukrainian cities and infrastructure, killing civilians, and artificially creating a humanitarian crisis - all working contacts and connections with Russians and immigrants from Russia who support the fascist policies of V.V. Putin, we consider impossible! With this statement, we declare the full responsibility of Russia and its population for the actions that the Russian army and aviation carry out on the territory of Ukraine! Russians, you know the course! Bon Voyage!



Vintage bunny repair

Vintage bunny in a dress has been a favorite of its owner for many years and now it is time to rejuvenate, clean and restore the form of a plush friend. The toy was very carefully cleaned, the filling was replaced, the mouth was restored, and the fur was fluffed up. And now the bunny continues to please its owner and will be passed on to the next generation of the family!

Handmade soft frog

In front of you is one of our most unusual works. This frog was created based on a sticker of one of the popular messengers, but with significant revisions, adjustments and additions of the customer. First of all, the character has a backpack with a clasp, which can be used as a case for storing small, but very important things! Under the backpack and on the tummy with the help of embroidery there are special symbols, the meaning of which is known only to the owner of the toy. And a special charm of the product is given by the cylinder also, by the way, decorated with special signs! All decorative parts are removable and functional, which is achieved with the help of secret magnetic fasteners! And as a cherry on the cake - the original coloring of the skin, inherent in this particular species of frogs. Such a detailed work was satisfied with both ourselves and the customer, who obviously knew what result he would be satisfied with!

Restoration teddy bear

A gray teddy bear with a troubled life story. Yes, having passed a lot of tests, he was quite well preserved, but he looked like something absurd until we repaired him. We did a whole series of works on the toy. We cleaned the skin thoroughly. We reinforced all the seams. Replaced the stuffing. We bought and installed brand new joints. We polished the eyes, picked up the nose. Now the teddy bear is as good as new and ready to move to a new family! Wishing to accept a rare friend.

yellow soft duck

The yellow rubber duck is a character recognizable all over the world! And we wouldn't be Art-berloga if we couldn't cope with the request to create such a toy from textile! The size of the product is 25 cm tall, 30 cm long. The wings are part of the body, do not rise, do not move. So you can be calm - such a bird will not fly far away! The toy is made of very soft short-worshipped artificial fur and plush. Filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh, which perfectly holds the shape of the design. As a decoration, the duck is adorned with a bright scarf in the color of the beak with a gift inscription. This product turned out to be laconic, stylish and eloquent! If you want to make your own plush dreams come true, please contact us!

Tiger bear repair

The unusual tiger-colored teddy bear began to lose its face and dark stripes from old age, had a tightly bunched coat and quite a lot of small damages, which the owners had already tried to sew up. Of course, restoration work on this toy had to start with the classics - removing and disposing of the old filler, cleaning the fur, repairing the gaps and reinforcing the seams. And then - the most responsible part - restoration of the brown nose part of the face and elimination of bald spots on it. Don't ask how we did it! Let's put it down to the magic of our masters!))) The main thing is that the result exceeded expectations - there are no bald spots, the face is like a new one. And when we applied the stripes - the Bear was completely transformed, even shone as if! This handsome boy was very eagerly awaited at home. And when he came back, the delight and happiness of the owners was unbelievable!


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