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Huge couch bear

Soft bear toy

How to combine a toy and furniture? Our creative team approached this question quite creatively.
We present to your attention a huge bear, which is also a sofa. This product will decorate any room: whether it is a spacious hall with a fireplace in a country cottage, or a flat in the penthouse, where there is room for such a great creativity!
Why a bear? Because the bear is a symbol of reliability, kindness and cosiness. How's that? Have you remembered in which cartoons this main character is found? If not - you have a great opportunity to refresh your childhood memories by watching cartoons, and our bear will serve as your support. At night he will warm your back and ward off evil spirits, and for those who sleep restlessly and are always at risk of falling off the sofa, the bear will serve as a great barrier and keeper of pleasant dreams!
The bear turned out to be 230 cm in size, the sofa itself is about 300 cm. In the manufacture was used high quality fake fur, production of Italy. Please contact us, we are happy to create any of your bold project!

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