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Big bear sofa chair

soft bear sofa chair

Want to delight your prince or princess with a creative gift? A polar bear, aka a big sofa chair, will be a great choice for your little one. It will even replace a white horse or help to imagine yourself as a pilot of a formula one car! After all, on it you can not only sit and lie watching your favourite cartoon, read, and also play, coming up with different plots for games, which will favourably affect the development of imagination and creativity of the child. Thanks to high quality Italian fur, this armchair sofa will become an anti-stress for the whole family. After all, everyone will want to stroke it and even hug it. Therefore, in addition to its direct purpose, our teddy bear will be perfect for tactile therapy and will become a soft remedy for bad moods. Manufacturing of products can be different shapes, sizes and characters! Any most daring fantasies!

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