Designing toy sewing

Repair plush donkey

This rare toy was presented to us as a Donkey. And, although to us, this plushie seemed very similar to a dog, but out of respect for customers and the solid age of the product, we accepted these "rules of the game". So, Donkey.  He lived a lot of years in a loving family. But time is inexorable and merciless to plush toys. All the brown parts of Donkey simply disintegrated into ashes and it was impossible to restore them. So I had to pick up the most similar vintage material and recreate the missing parts. But the main orange-colored skin was still in a very good condition. So we cleaned it, strengthened all the seams and fluffed it up. The old cotton filler was disposed of and replaced with modern syntepuh, in order to maximize the life of the Donkey. Eyes and nose remained native. We only polished them a little to give them a "lively shine". To say that the toy has changed - nothing to say.  We rescued and brought Donkey back to life, which made his loving family incredibly happy! Now they will pass this toy from generation to generation as a family heirloom for a long time!

Soft cat Divo

Divo! What an eloquent name this kitten has! His image was created by our customer's designers, but it is really a real miracle! It's a miracle that we managed to create such a difficult mascot on the existing visualization in those few days that were left before the launch of the promo-campaign. We, as always, worked hard. We worked around the clock, just not to let the client down and to create a toy as similar to the prototype as possible. We were torn between several operations at the same time: we prepared patterns, selected the most suitable material, prepared a file in the necessary format for embroidering eyes, cut, sewed, mounted the frame, and at the same time had time to coordinate with the customer the main working points. It was very "hot", but we and the owners of the mascot were satisfied with the result.

Soft cat from photo

The story of this cute gray kitten is very touching. Once upon a time, the same toy was the mascot of the whole family. But, as it often happens, the family returned home from another trip with an incomplete family. Everyone's favorite plushie remained somewhere in warm lands. Therefore, the family council decided to look for opportunities to restore the toy. And with the realization of this idea we willingly volunteered to help. To begin with, we studied the entire photo album dedicated to the favorite toy, took into account the sketches and wishes of the customer and created a layout, and then a copy (clone) of the lost plush friend. The main work lasted about 21 days, although the preparation took much longer. The family happily welcomed the younger Serenky and now they are inseparable. Kotik stays at home for the time of traveling, so that history does not suddenly repeat itself.

White bear restoration

Restoration of once snow-white toys is a responsible and especially difficult business. After all, we cannot use aggressive chemicals to avoid damaging the toy, but we need to whiten the product. Then we have to "reinvent the wheel" and find the most effective composition for cleaning fake fur. The result of such research is always and quite noticeable. And when we give a new, soft, springy filler and fluff up the fur - the plush patient immediately sheds 10-15 years. On the above photos of the teddy bear you can notice with a naked eye how the tone of the coat before and after cleaning differs. And in general how well the toy looks after our manipulations on its restoration.

Repair teddy bear

It is a special honor for us to hold in our hands a whole era encased in a soft toy! And every time - a great responsibility! But still the excitement to restore the product to its former appearance does its job and we enthusiastically start a new restoration: cleaning, mending, changing parts! And all in order that such favorite and rare toys, such as this teddy bear, could be a family heirloom for a long, long time, connecting generations! Works performed in this case: gentle cleaning of the skin, repair of small tears and gaps, strengthening seams, replacing cotter pins, replacing the filler, fluffing the pile. After such a complex of measures the teddy bear will no longer be ashamed and hidden from guests! On the contrary - now the plush friend of the family always occupies the most honorable place in the house!

Soft playpen panda

Most young parents have a strong desire to make their lives easier and at the same time decorate the children's room with functional soft poufs, playpens, developmental mats, sofas. And we are happy to help them in this! After all, we are always ready to design and sew any upholstered interior object, so that your baby was comfortable and safe to sleep, sit, play, enjoy the best moments of childhood. This model "Manege Panda" is designed by special order and can not be reproduced again, because the right holder is our regular customer. But to develop for you an exclusive children's accessory by your own or your design, sew it from the best certified hypoallergenic materials, add elements for the development of fine motor skills, apply a logo or additional pockets - no problem! Contact us!

princess chamomile soft toy

Such an original toy - Princess Chamomile - we created according to the customer's design in the size of 25 cm. And the purpose of this doll is to become a faithful friend and companion of one cute girl! One of the main conditions was to achieve stability of the ears, which are also the petals of the flower. To cope with this task helped us a special frame, which we built inside the whole body. The doll itself is made of microplush, dressed in a velvety multicolored dress and has expressive, bright, painted eyes with huge eyelashes. Everything is exactly as depicted on the sketch. Eyes made painting on fabric for the reason that only this technique can most accurately convey their shimmering colors! We were able to fulfill our mission in full and now the little girl has a loyal and reliable girlfriend - Princess Chamomile!

Cloning a toy mouse

The owner of this wonderful Soviet-era Mouse initially set us the task of cloning the toy with the highest possible accuracy. And we enthusiastically set to work. It turned out that earlier Mouse, as it is supposed to be, was gray, but the years have taken their toll and she "grayed" so beautifully. The material for its restoration was selected from the assortment of suppliers of German plush in maximum conformity with the preserved gray areas of the skin. Our masters made the molds with jewelry precision, so in the new product we managed to repeat even the asymmetrical fit of the ears, slight curvature of the nose and a slight squint, giving the toy a slight charm. All fittings from the original Mouse were used in the work on the clone, which made it as plausible and close to the original as possible. Both ourselves and the customer were satisfied with the work done. After all, before us she had to turn to many companies and masters, but even Moscow restoration specialists did not want to take on cloning. We are not afraid of difficult tasks and are always ready to save your plush friends from oblivion! Please contact us!

Repstoration teddy bear

The red curly-haired bear came to us at Plush Clinic Art-berloga completely devastated. Some time ago, the bear's heels had been rubbed and for many years the stuffing had been slowly poured out through them. That's how the toy was left only a shell. Having carefully studied the situation, we decided to replace all the light parts of the toy as much as possible similar in texture and color material. After all, its nose part made of soft peachy plush was also quite worn and tattered. But first of all, the teddy bear was cleaned and fluffed, monitored the skin from the inside, repair of small holes. And only then, having given him new heels and face, we filled the "plush patient" with hollofiber. We installed and firmly fixed the native fittings - eyes and nose! The photo poorly conveys the whole scale of transformation of this toy, but our efforts were appreciated by the owner of the Bear, who simply scattered in compliments, having received from us a plush friend of childhood, younger by 20 years. And positive emotions of our customers are one of the most important criteria for us!

Блестящие мягкие игрушки

Unique author's toys are designed and created by us to make their owner always stand out in the crowd - whether travelling with a toy instead of a companion or a noisy house party. Such shining bears will always attract the attention of others and will be long etched in their memory. And you will simply get tired of a flurry of compliments and enthusiastic looks, from questions where you can buy such beauty)). In addition, exclusive Shiny Bears by Art-berloga will be a great gift for any holiday and a person of any age! And one more important point - our toys are produced only under the order, so you can modify them (reduce, enlarge, give a different shape) or apply a logo at the request of the customer. To order - use our contact phone numbers or feedback form!


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