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Restoration of a teddy bear in leopard overalls

Repair teddy bear

A unique teddy bear in a remarkable leopard overalls decided to pamper himself with Spa procedures and came to Plush Clinic Art-berloga for a week. But we decided not to limit ourselves to simple "cosmetic" procedures and to carry out a full range of services to return the toy to its former beauty and plush health, despite the rather decent general condition of the plush patient. We cleaned the entire coat (including the overalls), strengthened the seams, sewed up the gaps, changed the filler and, as a cherry on the cake, fluffed the fleece using our author's method. The difference between the condition of the toy "BEFORE" restoration and "AFTER" is enormous. - is colossal. Mishutka returned home the way his owners didn't even remember him. "As if only from the store" - they shared their impressions!

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