Designing toy sewing

Plush mascot cat Divo

Soft cat Divo

Divo! What an eloquent name this kitten has! His image was created by our customer's designers, but it is really a real miracle! It's a miracle that we managed to create such a difficult mascot on the existing visualization in those few days that were left before the launch of the promo-campaign. We, as always, worked hard. We worked around the clock, just not to let the client down and to create a toy as similar to the prototype as possible. We were torn between several operations at the same time: we prepared patterns, selected the most suitable material, prepared a file in the necessary format for embroidering eyes, cut, sewed, mounted the frame, and at the same time had time to coordinate with the customer the main working points. It was very "hot", but we and the owners of the mascot were satisfied with the result.

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