Designing toy sewing

Plush playpen - sofa

Soft playpen panda

Most young parents have a strong desire to make their lives easier and at the same time decorate the children's room with functional soft poufs, playpens, developmental mats, sofas. And we are happy to help them in this! After all, we are always ready to design and sew any upholstered interior object, so that your baby was comfortable and safe to sleep, sit, play, enjoy the best moments of childhood. This model "Manege Panda" is designed by special order and can not be reproduced again, because the right holder is our regular customer. But to develop for you an exclusive children's accessory by your own or your design, sew it from the best certified hypoallergenic materials, add elements for the development of fine motor skills, apply a logo or additional pockets - no problem! Contact us!

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