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Restoration of a 20 year old panda

Repair old panda

It is a pleasure to work with those toys that are loved, cherished and tried to prolong their life in every possible way. Panda is 20 years old. For a human it is not much, but for a soft toy it is already a considerable age. And the decision to send her to Plush Clinic for preventive care was very timely. After all, the toy has already gotten dirty, lost its former forms and, upon closer inspection, several small tears at the seams were noticed. And also the life of the filler was coming to an end. So first we cleaned the toy, eliminated the tears and additionally strengthened the seams, replaced the old combined filler (syntepuh + porollon) with clean, soft and springy syntepuh, which will long and well hold the correct shape of the toy. And as a final chord - fluffed the fur. At least 20 more years of life of this Pandochka is guaranteed after all these manipulations! Of course, on condition of the same careful attitude!

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