Designing toy sewing

Restoration of plush Stepashka

Repair plush bunny

Restoration of a plush bunny named Stepashka initially seemed quite unrealistic to us. Even though we have enormous experience in this field, but the white fur of a toy stained with something similar to fuel oil is always an archically difficult task. The cleaning of the product was carried out in several stages and lasted a little less than a week. As a result of these titanic efforts Bunny became like a bunny again and, almost completely, the whiteness of his vintage skin returned. Unfortunately, the nose part of the face could not be saved. From the age of the fabric in this place completely dried up, began to tear, all the lint long ago crumbled. That's why, having picked up the most similar in color and texture plush, we cut out a new nose part for the toy and sewed it in place of the previous one. It should be noted that we did it very competently, because it is impossible for a person uninitiated in this mystery to distinguish between the original and the new one! We also monitored the condition of all seams and strengthened them. We replaced the filler. We fluffed the fleece using our author's method. Now Stepashka is again a favorite of the whole family and after his return takes the most honorable place in the house and in the hearts of the owners!

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