Designing toy sewing

Restoration of a brown and white teddy bear

Repair teddy bear

It is a special honor for us to hold in our hands a whole era encased in a soft toy! And every time - a great responsibility! But still the excitement to restore the product to its former appearance does its job and we enthusiastically start a new restoration: cleaning, mending, changing parts! And all in order that such favorite and rare toys, such as this teddy bear, could be a family heirloom for a long, long time, connecting generations! Works performed in this case: gentle cleaning of the skin, repair of small tears and gaps, strengthening seams, replacing cotter pins, replacing the filler, fluffing the pile. After such a complex of measures the teddy bear will no longer be ashamed and hidden from guests! On the contrary - now the plush friend of the family always occupies the most honorable place in the house!

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