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Restoration and repair of plush donkey

Repair plush donkey

This rare toy was presented to us as a Donkey. And, although to us, this plushie seemed very similar to a dog, but out of respect for customers and the solid age of the product, we accepted these "rules of the game". So, Donkey.  He lived a lot of years in a loving family. But time is inexorable and merciless to plush toys. All the brown parts of Donkey simply disintegrated into ashes and it was impossible to restore them. So I had to pick up the most similar vintage material and recreate the missing parts. But the main orange-colored skin was still in a very good condition. So we cleaned it, strengthened all the seams and fluffed it up. The old cotton filler was disposed of and replaced with modern syntepuh, in order to maximize the life of the Donkey. Eyes and nose remained native. We only polished them a little to give them a "lively shine". To say that the toy has changed - nothing to say.  We rescued and brought Donkey back to life, which made his loving family incredibly happy! Now they will pass this toy from generation to generation as a family heirloom for a long time!

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