Designing toy sewing

Restoring cat from a photograph

Soft cat from photo

The story of this cute gray kitten is very touching. Once upon a time, the same toy was the mascot of the whole family. But, as it often happens, the family returned home from another trip with an incomplete family. Everyone's favorite plushie remained somewhere in warm lands. Therefore, the family council decided to look for opportunities to restore the toy. And with the realization of this idea we willingly volunteered to help. To begin with, we studied the entire photo album dedicated to the favorite toy, took into account the sketches and wishes of the customer and created a layout, and then a copy (clone) of the lost plush friend. The main work lasted about 21 days, although the preparation took much longer. The family happily welcomed the younger Serenky and now they are inseparable. Kotik stays at home for the time of traveling, so that history does not suddenly repeat itself.

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