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Restoration of a vintage monkey

Repair vintage monkey

We took this Padluchka to work with great pleasure! We have never had toys with such exotic names before!))) Yes, yes, we are not kidding! This is the real name of a cute gray monkey. So, the scope of work consisted in the following: removal and disposal of the old filler, cleaning the skin from dust and dirt, drying, strengthening all the seams, returning the correct fit of the head, stuffing with new filler, fluffing the fur, polishing the rubber parts of the toy, curling the bangs (where without bangs in our time?!). It was this list of completed works that gave us the opportunity to transform the plush monkey beyond recognition in 10 days. And, when she returned home to the owners, we were told that they did not even expect such a result, because the toy became as good as new!

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