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Tiger bear restoration

Tiger bear repair

The unusual tiger-colored teddy bear began to lose its face and dark stripes from old age, had a tightly bunched coat and quite a lot of small damages, which the owners had already tried to sew up. Of course, restoration work on this toy had to start with the classics - removing and disposing of the old filler, cleaning the fur, repairing the gaps and reinforcing the seams. And then - the most responsible part - restoration of the brown nose part of the face and elimination of bald spots on it. Don't ask how we did it! Let's put it down to the magic of our masters!))) The main thing is that the result exceeded expectations - there are no bald spots, the face is like a new one. And when we applied the stripes - the Bear was completely transformed, even shone as if! This handsome boy was very eagerly awaited at home. And when he came back, the delight and happiness of the owners was unbelievable!

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