Designing toy sewing

Restoration of little tiger cubs

Repair tiger cubs

A pair of the cutest inseparable tiger cubs came to us for a very short period of time. After all, there was a little loving girl waiting for them at home, who could not imagine herself without her teddies. As with all toys - the spouts turned out to be the weakest part of the tiger cubs. The fittings themselves were badly damaged, and the fabric part of the muzzle around the noses resembled a real sieve. Therefore, after a quick cleaning of the toys, we started to replace the nose parts of the muzzle. We chose the most appropriate in color and texture material, cut and sewed new parts. New plastic spouts of exactly the same configuration and size as the original ones were installed in the appropriate place. Of course, the filling of the tiger cubs was completely replaced with new fluffy syntepuh. The fur was fluffed up. And the tiger cubs are once again as attractive as if they had just come off the manufacturer's assembly line. And now they again fulfill their greatest mission on earth, brightening up the leisure time of the girl who loves them the most!

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