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Restoration and renovation of the yellow teddy bear

Repair yellow teddy bear

At first it seemed that it would be impossible to restore the bear named Ika. After all, the coat is very faded for many years of life and we thought no cleaning will not help to restore the original color of the toy. But no! A real miracle happened! Under the layer of removed dust, the wool was still as soft and silky as it had been long ago. This inspired us incredibly and we enthusiastically started to select new, as similar as possible eyes. The necessary fittings were found quickly enough, but their novelty contrasted strongly with the worn nose and lack of tongue. Here polishing came to our aid. The nose shone like before. Now it is impossible to distinguish it from the new one! And we created the tongue out of suede so that this part would last as long as possible. Also an important element in the work was making a personalized scarf for Ika, which beautifully shaded the yellow fleece of the teddy bear! We don't need to tell you that the toy has been transformed beyond recognition. The "Before" and "After" photos will tell everyone eloquently about the "magic" that we create in Plush Clinic Art-berloga.

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