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Red vintage teddy bear restoration

teddy bear restoration

Even if your favorite cuddly friend has suddenly gone bald from age - no problem! We know how to restore his fur. But! It should be taken into account that this is a unique case and the possibility of eliminating bald spots on the toy's fur depends on several factors: - localization and area of the splotches - the length of the original pile of the product itself - the integrity of the base of the skin. In this case, all the necessary indicators coincided and we managed to cover the balding bellybutton with new fur as much as possible. Although initially it was supposed that such a plan of action may not work and we had to sew the toy some masking overalls to hide the consequences of baldness. Fortunately - the professionalism of our masters helped out and in this case, the bear didn't need clothes! And in general, it is necessary to emphasize that the main task of the owner of any toy is to create the most comfortable environment. Then your favorite teddy will live as long as possible, the fur will not dry out and fall out, the filler will not gather in one pile, and the fittings will not turn cloudy. Take care of your plush friends!

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