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Plush goldfish toy


soft toy goldfish

Have you ever dreamed of making three wishes to the Goldfish? "Where can you get a fish like that?" - you say. But we do! Golden, beautiful, soft, tactilely very pleasant, beady-eyed and funny right up to the state of "mi-mi-mi". And you can make her wishes not three, but an infinite number! But it is not a fact that she will fulfill them! But at least you can talk to Fish! She will definitely not say anything to anyone! The toy is made of long-wool velour by frameless technology. The size together with the tail is 40 cm. The filling is light, soft, springy, hypoallergenic syntepuh. With such parameters this Golden "Enchantress" has real chances to become a favorite of the whole family and "bring up" more than one generation! And don't even ask about the quality of manufacturing! We will make sure that it will withstand all imaginable and unthinkable loads that can happen in the life of a plush fish!

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