Designing toy sewing

Restoration of a small stuffed pig

Repair stuffed pig

The deplorable condition of Piglet Hryuni does not need any description. From afar you can see that this is the limit of the toy's exploitation. And if you continue in the same vein - then only oblivion awaits him! Although the pig itself is intact, but the clothes, which is also part of the body, has already turned into rags. There was no point in repairing the pants, only to change them completely. But the remnants of the sweater we managed to put back together in one piece. Thread by thread we put all the disheveled yarn in a pattern, secured with an additional stitch and a layer of duplicate fabric. Of course Piggy underwent a thorough cleaning before the above manipulations and minor repair of the skin. And after that - restoration of former forms with the help of new and fluffy filler. Piglet blossomed and looked better before my eyes. And having returned home - pleased with the new appearance of the birthday boy-owner!

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