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Plush hedgehog with a backpack

Soft hedgehog toy

When life lacks a little spice - you don't have to go skydiving, for example, or get another piercing! Listen to yourself! You may just be in need of a Ginger! This charming, always rushing and running hedgehog is created especially for cozy cuddles on long winter evenings! He will amuse, delight and warm! And fluffy and thick "prickles" can only tickle, so it is absolutely safe for both adults and children! Our Imbirchik is a frugal guy, so his tiny backpack is always filled with a pile of good tales, the most pleasant emotions, tenderness and everything that can still be placed there - whether it is a secret, a gift, a letter or a ring for the beloved! There is room for fantasy! The hedgehog is made of delicate plush and artificial long-wool fur. Synthetic down is used as a filler. The backpack is sewn from golden biflex and is securely attached to the toy's body. And the most important thing is the size of Ginger! It is as much as 40 centimeters of plush happiness! And you can't buy it in the store around the corner! Only Art-berloga masters can create it so plausibly and authentically! So please contact us! We are always ready to help make your plush ideas and fantasies come true!

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