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That's how one day comes an order, like a providence, and we from ordinary toy makers suddenly turn into wizards-electromechanics, because we need to "save" our regular customer! And here's the deal! From a pair of domestic pigeons, by tragic coincidence, there was only one, which is very bored with his dove. And, to dispel his longing, it was necessary to urgently create a copy of the dove, which would have the most natural look and would make at least some more or less plausible movements. To be honest, this task seemed impossible and very difficult at first, but the main thing is to take a risk and start! And so we did! And getting down to business, first of all, decided on the size and shape of the dove, creating a life-size model of the future product. At the same time, we spent several weeks in a continuous brainstorming, trying to solve the most important problem - how to make the toy move, what movements it will make and whether this idea is viable in general. When the idea and concept took shape into something tangible, it was time to experiment. And then "the soul went to heaven" - the search and acquisition of necessary components, motors and batteries destroyed by pure chance, which then even stopped counting; the smell of heated to red soldering iron and tin penetrated the workshop and ourselves; the mastering of new knowledge on robotics did not stop, and to ensure the correct mechanics of movements we used all available means and we cut, sawed, glued, pounded ... In a word: invented! That's how we created the frame of the product with the head turning mechanism, which we then dressed in the "skin" of the dove made of short plush, tinted with the characteristic black and white coloring of the plumage. As a result, when you press the button on the tail of the dove, the bird starts a nine-minute cycle of rotation of the head with different angles of rotation and with different frequency. The toy is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is recharged from the mains, as well as a conventional household appliance with the help of a USB cord. Full charge is enough for a few days (depending on how often the product to actuate). Also an important point - the toy is independently stable and additional supports it does not need, even during the active phase. Time for this work spent much more than we are used to, but the end justifies the means and all the efforts of our well-coordinated, like clockwork, a team of brave masters-enthusiasts! Who else does not believe that we are ready to realize the most unusual and daring fantasies? Contact us, we will surprise you!

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