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Restoration of black vintage teddy bear

Repair vintage teddy bear

All vintage toys are extremely unfriendly to wet-heat treatment and, especially, to washing... And if the washing is machine - it is a sure death of a retro product. A black teddy bear came to us after such "executions". He was not only spoiled, but even smelled a little, because the cotton filler did not dry properly for a long time. Also, either the bear was not rinsed enough, or the filler released some sticky substance after getting wet, but all the fur stuck together and turned into real thorns. The head and leg came apart at the seams, and the stuffing of these parts simply became loose. The eyes and nose were also lost. And, to be honest, having restored the toy, we simply did not recognize Mishka, so he looked so beautiful and transformed! And all because we returned the fur to its natural soft state, laid strong stitches, instead of torn, modern filler restored the shape of the bear's body, replaced completely new cotter pins of the limbs, picked up new eyes and embroidered the nose. All this overnight gave the old teddy Potapych a powerful life boost. And he again fulfills his main mission - he protects the space and sweet dreams of his caring owners.

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